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Thrilled to be back to writing for 11.12.2011

Well, I am extremely happy to say that I am back to writing for I had written for them back in 2009 and due to other responsibilities in life decided to leave them; but have returned to, and have had my first live article published today.  It’s feel great to be back, and I will be writing as a National Artisan Examiner, and writing about what I love most…my world of multimedia art, and other artists in around my community, which means I will be out and about searching for news to report. I am able to write local and also out of my area. So wish me luck in being back to writing for

PS: Linda, the first mention of is the link leading to finding my articles.

To everyone, have a blessed day. Teri.

Sculptural  And Functional Art Sells At (Original publication date: 6/25/2009)

Most studio artists and potters engaging in ceramic arts and pottery eventually try to sell their art. And, the place to do that is at Etsy provides the seller with a shopping cart at a reasonable rate, and the shopping cart uses methods of payment provided by; which takes all major credit cards, increasing the chances of a guaranteed sell.

Selling ceramics and pottery via the Internet gives the artist national and international exposure, as the Internet is world wide. So, spend more time in the studio creating art and take the easy way out…use Etsy to promote your career and sell art that is both functional and sculptural in nature. There is no need to spend time on the road doing craft show after craft show when time can be spent at the potter’s wheel throwing beautiful works of art.

Etsy also provides an on-site search engine that lets the buyer search by “tags” and save frequently used seller sites as favorites. Buyers can even subscribe to the seller’s shop feed and are frequently informed when a seller updates a shop. Sellers can ship nationally or internationally. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of enjoy viewing the Black-eyed Susie’s in a handcrafted pot in the window from the potter’s wheel, and savor life.

“Art For Kids Program” (Original publication date: (6/26/2009)

The “Art for kids program” was designed with kids in mind. The LadyHawk of Heartland Ceramic Art Studio located in Myakka City, Florida was able to get big companies like of Statesville, North Carolina and of St. Petersburg, Florida to donate clays, glazes and brush-tools for the kids to participate in ceramic art classes; over the summer vacation, at a reduced price of $10.00 per child for a three hour class once weekly or more if they wish to attend more frequently. On June 10, 2009 the class filled as interested students gathered together seated around their instructor who explained to them the process of ceramic art and pottery making. The display shelf was lined with several of the artist’s art objects that were shared with the class to further explain the process of creating ceramic art.

Students ranged in age from 8 to 18 years of age, and all participated in the class together as a group. The owner of the studio is a firm believer that creating art together as a family creates a long lasting bonding process between family members and provides the family unit with quality time spent together. Jorge Cantu attends Myakka City Elementary School, while his sisters Dee and Alejandra attend Lakewood Ranch High School and Dan Nolan Middle School. Also present for the class was their grandmother Marianna. She seemed to enjoy herself by making small clay animals. Ethan and Gabe Robertson from Sarasota County also attended the class later in the day, after the Cantu family had gone for the day. The two Robertson boys and their mother Tracey had their first try at hand-building and created small pinch pots made from clay, inscribing small butterflies and various other designs into the clay after forming the pots.

Overall, the day was a really great day of fun, had by all. The materials and supplies used for the day’s event were provided free of charge by the LadyHawk of Heartland Ceramic Art Studio, as a promotion to open the studio to the public for the summer vacation. Classes will be added and the schedules adjusted to meet the increasing need for classes as they fill. Blondell Lehocki, the owner teaches students ranging in age from 8 to 98 years of age. The adult price for the class is $125.00 for six classes, that are three hours in length each visit. The class runs once weekly over a six week period. Studio time is also available to students after taking the basic hand-building class. So, come and be merry…play in clay.


Best Of Friends (Original publication date: 6/27/2009)

After closing the gate the walk up the winding road to the two-story red barn was a little more than 900 feet from the road. The girls huddled together under a light blue and white beach umbrella; as the rain lightly dampened the air, and walked all the way to the barn while quietly talking to each other about their plans for the next project they were about to start at the Lady Hawk of Heartland Ceramic Art Studio. This was a second visit to the studio in a week for Enriqueta and Arika, and both girls smiled as they met their instructor at the studio door of the barn. Ready to begin the next lesson in clay the girls excitedly entered the studio; collected their supplies, set up their work space, and eagerly waited for their instructor to start the class.

There are several benefits to learning art; as the study of art improves a child’s behavior, develops their gross and fine motor skills, increases their attention span, and instills confidence, while improving language skills. All of these benefits are gained in a room where people work together on projects as a group; where they bond, forming lasting friendships. Clay is not only for children, but adults too can benefit from playing in clay. Creating art objects in clay relieves stress; making one forget about the hurried life they live during their work day, making the work week seem to just hurry along. One class a week is enough to experience the benefits of sharing art with others, and most students usually become addicted to the creation of art, and enjoy thinking about what they will accomplish making in that next class. Many students attend several times a week. The studio becomes a gathering place for everyone to meet, talk, and enjoy each other’s company, while sharing ideas of what to make next. Critiquing each other’s work becomes a natural and is a welcomed part of sharing.

Enriqueta and Arika have been friends for five years, and their friendship grows stronger as they learn to make ceramic fantasy houses, and mugs decorated with low and high relief, giving the mugs characteristics that are unique to each student. The three-hour class goes fairly fast, and the projects are functional as well as decorative. Projects are geared so that anyone can do them, and no one project looks alike, even though all attending the class are creating the same project they all attach their own details creating their own styles.


Becoming Known As An Artist (Original publication date: 7/1/2009)

Getting noticed by the consumer is one of the hardest objectives to obtain for the creative artist, today. Most artists do craft fairs and art shows for several months out of the year, which takes away from the time that they could be creating art. In fact trying to gain exposure can be mentally and physically challenging. The artist’s work needs to produce an income to pay the bills… so they can continue to produce the art that they are all so proud of, and the art that brings the public happiness in being able to view it in museums, galleries and private collections.

There are several ways of gaining exposure into the art world, and as previously discussed, Etsy is one way, which has been discussed in a previous article. But, other ways do exist to get your name out there and the money flowing in. It is not easy, but the creative artist must be diligent, or they will starve and stop doing what they do best, which is to create art. There are several opportunities out there for exposure, but the requirement is that the artist be working at all times to catch opportunities as they arise. An artist can gain notoriety at the local fairs that take place every year in their community or neighboring communities, and this depends on how far they want to travel. Sometimes fairs are juried, and offer prizes for first, second and third place. These prizes can range from $50.00 to $150.00 at a time for each entry. And, at the end of the fair the artist still has the art object to sell.

Other ways to become visible is through magazines. Magazines like Clay Times will take slide submissions for their gallery section of the Clay Times magazine. The slides must be professional, and slides can be ordered online at companies such as Photo-Graphic Specialties. Within a week slides are made and delivered by mail to your home. With the use of a digital camera all the artist has to do is send them a digital image by e-mail and Photo-Graphic Specialties will produce a professional slide for the artist to send for submission to magazines. Slides are usually very affordable, and are kept until the magazine you sent them to uses them in a publication. It may be beneficial to have two sets of slides made; at first to keep one on hand, as several months may pass before getting them back. Another option is Lark Books. Check their site often and as much as weekly. Lark Books does a call for artists, and this usually involves having slides available to send of the art object that you wish to enter in their books. They specify what they are looking for, and hopefully you have it on hand. This process can also take several months, and Lark Books will notify the artist upon book publication, and will return slides at that time.

All of the above options are free exposure to the artist. The only thing that requires payment is the processing of slides. Even if the artist did no more than two submissions a year to magazines or books he or she would only spend approximately $50.00 to gain exposure that may produce a sell of some of their art objects for a much larger price. The artist must always have art work available upon demand, and that requires time in the studio to be productive. Hopefully, this information has been helpful to some. These are only a few of the options available. So keep searching. Remain productive in doing what you like…creating art!

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