Queen of Crafting

I am just the Queen of Crafting this week. Today I managed to add three new soaps to my inventory of handmade goodies for the taking in my ETSY SHOP. They are Oatmeal, Cocoa Butter and Pine Tar. Must admit that I am partial to all three of them. They are being sold in three and four packs at a very reasonable price. I will be adding others at some time in the near future. So, lather up and enjoy. Shipping on these as well as everything else in the shop is to…”everywhere”. Stay blessed People and have a great day. Talk to ya later.  PineTarSoap

Digging Into The Winter Stash of Fiber


I’ve spent the last week or so digging through my fiber stash in the upstairs spare-bedroom, and oh what glorious finds I found. I found Sari Silk Waste in seven different colors and decided to post them to my Etsy Shop. I found several fleece (…the entire fleece) all packed up in plastic bags and some in 30 gallon plastic storage containers. There was so much to dig through I had to do a little at a time. In doing so the urge to spin natural came to a rise like yeast dough raises in a warm corner of your kitchen waiting to be baked in the warmth of your oven.  I sat down to spin on my Celtic Golding Ring Spindle  (top whirl drop spindle) that spins like a dream. The craftsmanship of the Golding Company should really be appreciated. They make such a wonderful product with great balance and speed that smoothly spins your favorite fibers into a wonderfully stable yarn ready to knit even if simply a single spun to one’s liking the first time around.  Their spindles are beautifully carved and set into a brass ring, again perfectly balanced and worthy of any Craftswoman’s stash of fiber to be spun into Golding (Gold) in every color of the rainbow.

The carving is absolutely beautiful. It spins smoothly in your hand. Oh, the delight of spinning with hand-carved Cherry wood. But still, there was a need to arise. Feeling that need for a new spindle so I went on-line and purchased a Tibetan spindle, and when I give it a test run, I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Already, I’m seated on the edge of my seat like a child waiting for some sort of surprise that surpasses all others. My expectations are to spin mouth watering beautiful lace yarn. My Heart weakens……!

Silk Hankies In The Shop

Premium Silk Hankies III am seriously fiber thrilled. I know have Premium Silk Hankies in my ETSY SHOP. They can be spun, carded into other fibers in creating art batts, and felted for use in creating your latest felted fiber garments. They can even be crocheted or knitted straight from the hankie fiber. So, get involved and have some fun. Get yourself some Premium Silk Hankies and get to spinning and felting. And, remember to dye them every color in the rainbow. Salaam.






Shop Is Looking Pretty Good

Handspun Sari Silk Yarn

ETSY SHOP is looking good. Got 30 products listed in two days. Now I’m fully stocked with Sari Silk Yarns, and have even listed a few hand-spun yarns. If I should say so myself….the shop is shaping up quite well. Shop had been closed for so long, I had forgotten what it is like to relist products, and do inventory of products, and descriptions and all. Seems never-ending until you finally post the last product. Seriously thinking about adding back my handmade Soaps. Guess I’m really looking for some sort of extreme stress factor. Well, anyway….now that I’m motivated I figure it’s easier to keep the shop up rather than to let it go, again. It’s always easier to work with a strong solid baseline rather than to start all over again. Now I’ll keep it maintained and just add products now and then.  Stay blessed people and have a great week. Check back now and then and simply say, “hello”. Salaam.





After a long period of time I have finally gotten back to crafting. And, that included restocking my ETSY SHOP with all kinds of wonderful goodies for my crafting friends. I have stocked Sari Silk Yarns in many colors, and still have more to list. I have also stocked Sari Silk Waste in a multi-color version. As I reminder, don’t forget that my electric spinning wheel plans are still free at this moment. So get them before they are relisted at a price. Just message me and let me know that you would like a free PDF copy of the plans. Stay blessed and have a great day. Salaam.


Well, it has been quite some time since I have been here to blog about my addiction as a fiber artist, and today is the perfect day to catch up. The  Sun is shining with a slight blow of northward bound winds, here in Bradenton, Florida. Of course, the squirrel friends have been around today for their daily dose of peanuts. And; as most of my friends know, I have been up to purchasing all kinds of fiber, and those fibers include such fleeces as Shetland, Icelandic, Targhee, Border Leicester, Merino and many more. Like most fiber artist I have a stash of fiber that is more than the average fiber artist can possibly spin in one year. Is it the smell of the fiber? Is it the color of the fiber? Is it the feel or textures of the fibers? As a practicing fiber artist I can honestly say it is all of the above that we all as fiber artist collectively crave….and the need for more  fiber seems to be endless. Some may laugh when I tell them of my secret…my secret of having an entire room dedicated to bins-upon-bins of fiber stacked high enough to reach the ceiling from the level of the floor and then when space runs out, my secret stash is stuffed into space-bags de-aired and compressed to make room for more savory fibers to add to the stash. Lately, I have spent a great deal of time dyeing fibers with Jacquard fiber dyes  and then spinning these beautiful fibers into glorious yarns ready to be knit with.   Today I decided that I should share some of the fibers that I have been spinning with you. So, I have enclosed a short slide show for your viewing. You will be viewing two of my new yarns Diamond Head (918 yards) which is a fingering weight yarn and LakeSide (259 yards) which is a bulky weight yarn. Enjoy….as much as I do, and be certain to come back for more.  And, yes I certainly promise to return soon with more to show you.

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Razzmatazz is a new hat pattern that I have designed to be an absolute color explosion. Merino wool was used for this exciting project.  The Merino wool was  hand dyed, hand-spun and hand knit for this FO with just a little lace here and there.  A chunky Art yarn was created in such dazzling and bright colors, and at times I was uncertain that the color scheme would work. Once I began to knit the color scheme began to fit perfectly and I suddenly realized that I actually liked the boldness of the colors.  Razzmatazz is one of two projects I am working on at the moment. It just happens that this project was the one chosen to be finished first. The other project is a much bigger project and the details of it will be discussed in a later post. Hope you enjoy seeing Razzmatazz as much as I enjoyed creating her.