Silk Hankies In The Shop

Premium Silk Hankies III am seriously fiber thrilled. I know have Premium Silk Hankies in my ETSY SHOP. They can be spun, carded into other fibers in creating art batts, and felted for use in creating your latest felted fiber garments. They can even be crocheted or knitted straight from the hankie fiber. So, get involved and have some fun. Get yourself some Premium Silk Hankies and get to spinning and felting. And, remember to dye them every color in the rainbow. Salaam.









After a long period of time I have finally gotten back to crafting. And, that included restocking my ETSY SHOP with all kinds of wonderful goodies for my crafting friends. I have stocked Sari Silk Yarns in many colors, and still have more to list. I have also stocked Sari Silk Waste in a multi-color version. As I reminder, don’t forget that my electric spinning wheel plans are still free at this moment. So get them before they are relisted at a price. Just message me and let me know that you would like a free PDF copy of the plans. Stay blessed and have a great day. Salaam.


You know you are in silk heaven when you are seated upon a queen-sized bed full of some 300 or so skeins of recycled silk Sari yarn. First I sat on the bed in the middle of all of this heaven, and then I quietly moved from one chair to the other trying to figure out how to sort out all the wonderful colors that put a twinkle in my eyes like a child in a candy store. The solid colors were no problem at all…simply label, bag and put away. Now the multicolor Sari silk yarns are a completely different story. There are so many color combinations that after awhile it is hard to decide which color combinations to group together because they all are so vibrant with color…that excitement over the entire order just takes over and the brain seems to say…”OK, time to just sit and look at it all”. I must have been sitting there for one solid hour before my discerning eye picks out a skein of Sari silk yarn that is like no other. It fact, it was the only skein of it’s color out of the entire group of 300+. At first I thought about using it in my newest vest design and then I thought about using it to make granny coils, and the thoughts keep flooding my mind as I came to the one and only conclusion. A new hat with attitude was now in the making as I decided that this particular skein of Sari silk would really go well with my newly dyed Churro fleece. The hat would be two different textures. I sat for a while longer rubbing my fingers over the Churro fleece and then the silk Sari yarn and finalized my idea of creating a new hat pattern for this selection of Churro and Sari silk. The color combinations are a match made in heaven. Just yummy…I was wondering if I should feel guilt in regards to stashing the skein for personal use….NO NO NOT AT ALL!Image