Top And Bottom Whorl Spindles

These top whorl spindles come in Natural wood  and in an Ebony which is then polyurethaned to seal the stain. These drop spindles will handle spinning fiber that is long in staple length and will even handle fiber that is a mix of different fiber lengths with add-ins that have been drum carded or hand carded in preparation for spinning. The shaft to each spindle is a total of twelve inches long, making this spindle very useful in 2 plying yarns. Navajo (chain ply) ply can also be done on this spindle. Spindle length also accommodates a greater yield when spinning fibers. The whorl measures 2.5 inches x 3/4 inches in thickness.

This spindle is also available in bottom whorl with the same specifications as listed in the above description. The pricing is also the same for both.

These are now in the shop and can be ordered. In a few days they will be available in an Ebony finish.

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Spindle weight: 2.2 ounces.

French Spindle Spinning Con’t Again

I’m just so elated. For such a delicate fiber I was really not sure if it would make it through the dyeing stage. Much to my surprise the fiber handled well with the application of acid dyes and intense heat. The integrity of the fiber has also improved along with the use of fabric softener in the final rinse, and no bleeding was noted during the washing/rinse phase. The dyes took extremely well, and I’m happy with the results obtained. The mix of cool and warm colors created such a beautiful mix of color displaying such a wonderful color explosion. The fiber really popped and the halo is so pretty that has formed within and about the spin of the yarn. Next is to test it out on the needles in a lace pattern. I have a feeling it will be just marvelous. Can’t wait to see it on the needles. Guess I’ll spend the rest of my day working on a lace pattern suitable for such a beautiful gathering of color. Stay blessed people. I’ll keep you guys updated and show you what’s on the needles.

French Spindle Spinning Con’t





Well this wonderful Border Leicester yarn made it off the French support spindle onto the ball winder, and into the two strand skein phase of this project. Total weight of first spin is 0.8 ounces. Amazing….almost a full ounce spun at one time on a support spindle. I’m impressed to say the least. I initially tried to ply it on my spinning wheel….then decided to 2-ply it on my top whorl drop spindle after winding it into a ball on my ball winder. Glad I did. A total of 58 yards was obtained from the single spinning session. Not bad for a spindle considering the size of the spindle. My expectations have been exceeded. The results are pretty awesome if I must say so myself. Even with the 2-ply the yarn maintains it’s loftiness, airiness, and lightness of weight with a beautiful halo about the yarn. The spin produced a very delicate yarn, which will make a beautiful lace shawl. At least that is how I feel at the moment….”lace shawl”. It will require more spinning of fiber. This project is turning out to be quite enjoyable. Now let’s see how it makes it through the fiber dyeing phase. Guess I will spend some time this evening selecting a color scheme suitable for a lace shawl. Stay blessed people and stay tuned for the next phase, the fiber dyeing phase.



French Spindle Spinning

KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

Been working a lot lately on my hand-held spindles. Some days it’s the top-whorl drop spindle and some days it is the bottom whorl support spindle.  Of late my collection of spindles has grown. I am now the proud owner of a Russian, French and Tibetan spindle with each having their own characteristics about the type of yarns they create.  My French support spindle has been my immediate choice to use in spinning a fine woolen long draw yarn, which I find quite delightful being that it is spun on a supported spindle. French spindles have a spiraling type of notch at the end of the shaft which holds onto the fiber as you apply twists in creating a single strand of yarn. The drafting process is ever so delicate as the spindle naturally drafts an amount of fiber that results in a very thin single, which is actually quite strong and withstands a great deal of pressure applied to the yarn, and the single still will not break once adequate twists are applied to the fiber. My fiber prep as been to card my fiber on hand carders yielding a cloud of Border Leicester which requires nothing more than placement in the palm of the hand, and a very gentle drafting technique used to form an airy yarn. For this particular spin session I am spinning Border Leicester, and I am amazed at the difference in the yarn created as I have spun the exact same fiber on a top-whorl drop-spindle and achieved a totally different textured yarn, yielding a worsted yarn, whereas the French spindle is producing a light and airy woolen weight yarn, that will perhaps need to be triple plied, it’s yield is so thin. Thinking maybe a nice lace shawl would look good with this yarn. Well anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress of my French spindle adventures.

Lace or Cotton Bottom Whorl Spindle

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This Lace & Cotton Spindle is ideal for spinning lace weight yarns and cotton fiber from the seed. The shaft measures 12 inches long giving the spinner more control over their drafting technique. With a small hook placed at the top of the bottom whorl (1.25 inches) spindle ease is given to applying twists to the fiber allowing the spindle to be hand-held while twisting like a regular drop spindle, without the necessity to use a bowl. Load the hook as if to chain one like crocheting creating a secure loop on the hook that remains stable for applying twists and is easily released to wind the cop onto the lower end of the spindle. Give the whorl two or three twists by rolling the spindle clockwise down your thigh a couple of times (2-3), and the twists will do the rest until it’s time to reload twists again. The extra added twists allows the spinner to add twists and draft several times while holding the spindle and drafting horizontally. The energy of the twists keeps forming yarn from the fiber for an arms-length, before needing to be recharged with twists or you can simply park and draft as needed. There is no worry of breaking your fiber strand as the spindle is hand-held at all times lessening the chances of your fiber strand breaking. The Lace & Cotton Spindle is a small spindle that handles a big jog with the shaft length allowing you to spin more fiber at one time. As your technique improves the faster you become at using the spindle. All you need is spindle and fiber. All spindles are stained and finished with a coat of polyurethane. There is also the option to order just the natural wood spindle and add color of your own choice personalizing your spindle even more. The Lace & Cotton Spindle is handmade here in our shop.

Spindle Weight: 0.4 ounces.

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P.S.: At any time feel free to email me and I am willing to Skype with spinners to instruct in using the spindle. Stay blessed and have a great day.

Skull Cap All Dressed Up


Skull Cap Dressed Up was created using Border Leicester Fleece (100 percent pure), and is next to skin soft. The cap fits up to 23 inch head diameter, and still has lots of stretch in it. The cap originates from an entirely white fleece and has been dyed a beautiful Royal Blue. The rib-stitch is complimented by a border of moss stitching, adding an extra textured look to the cap. The ribbed hemline can be worn up or down. The fleece for this item is hand-processed and cleansed….then hand-spun, hand-knit and hand-dyed. This item is Unisex.

Color: Royal Blue (Deeper color in picture is actual color of hat).

Care Of Wool Items:

Gently soak the hat in warm lightly soapy water without agitating and only using gentle movement to clean the fiber. Then using warm rinse water apply a little fabric softener to the rinse water and let it set for 5 minutes. Do not try to wring the water from the hat. Place the hat in a towel and wrap it securely in a towel. Then place the entire bundle in the washing machine and spin on high until all the water is gone from the hat. The hat will be fine as long as you remember to wrap it securely in a towel forming a snug bundle that can not open while spinning. Then lay the hat flat on a towel to block it into the measurements you want your hat to measure letting it dry for a day or so while laying flat. Woolite is an excellent cleanser for wool items.


You can purchase the pattern in our “Patterns” section and create the “Skull Cap Dressed Up” and watch it’s beautiful transformation take place.