Blondell Lehocki

Blondell Love Lehocki

I was born in some year; I’m sure of, to two loving parents. I am an adult with no siblings, and do not regret a moment of it, as my parents were extremely goal oriented as far as my educational accomplishments, and left little time for relationships that consisted of parent/child communication skills. Bless them both as they are my parents, and love them I do. And, thank God for Mrs. Frost, my 5th grade teacher to help me through it all. She was my beacon of light.

My journey in life began as Blondell Love, until I met and married my loving and supportive husband at the age of 42, I think. We lived on a farm and fought hard to keep our lives simple. We divorced on September 7th 2011.  I have been a loving  wife and lover, and still am an  artist and teacher. I think of myself as being very blessed to have the opportunity to have had a second career in teaching in this lifetime. I thank God everyday for helping me to complete each milestone in my life, as they arise. I am glad to have had helped in the process of “No Child Left Behind”.

June of 2011 I was given the opportunity to fulfill another of my other goals, which is that of becoming a writer. I had always written short stories, poetry and even had a novel tucked away that was  incomplete. I have been blessed to experience yet another career and have been able to write full-time now. I have stopped teaching and will never forget what I learned from my children, for they too were beacons of light. But, as a person grows they also change. And, for me change has brought on a new career path which I very much enjoy. So, now my hopes are that my followers get to know me as a writer. Now I can also include to the list of what I am, write/author and publisher.

Art will always be my passion in life as it is my first love. I inherited my love of art from my father, his brother and other family members. As children the two of them; on Sunday afternoon would draw the Blondie and Dagwood comic series… as young practicing artists. They both were very talented in art. My father sculpted wooden walking canes with chess pieces carved into the handle of them. And, was very talented in making furniture. Cabinet making was also part of his trade. My favorite was a walking cane he had made with a rook carved into the handle of the cane. My uncle was an extremely good artist and his skills were in the art of oil painting. I even had an aunt that was very talented in the area of making and tailoring clothing. So, it seems to reason that many of these skills I would later use in my own personal life.

My favorites are pottery, jewelry crafting, sewing, quilting, soap making, spinning fiber from wool, creative writing, poetry, knitting, and crochet. The list of my artistic activities just seems to keep growing over the years. Being creative is a big part of my life, and now I can add writer to the list. I am also looking forward to the possibility of doing some volunteer work for the Indian Nations here in the USA or in Canada in the coming months. But, keep in mind that my novel must be completed first, as it is a major priority in my life now.

PS: It would be years later that I would discover that my mother too, is my beacon of light in my times of trouble. The paths we both took in life were so different, and lead the two of us to complete our journey in life together as one. As we share those last moments together; I find I am very much like her, and we have lived parallel lives. She is my rock, even in her illness. May God grant us quality time in our shared moments. I love you mother!

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