I have been spending time at the spinning wheel of recent happily spinning Merino fleece while barefoot in my comfortable chair in the early morning hours of the day, spinning sometimes into the wee hours of the night. Merino spins so easily, and there is nothing like the feel of soft spongy Merino as it passes through your fingers winding onto the bobbin shaft. It is almost time to Navajo ply the current bobbin of Merino that I am working on, and as you all know, once I get distracted with an idea, I am on to creating another FO. This time as I sat quietly spinning Merino, Sari Silk began to call my name, and I immediately decided to crochet a hat with Sari Silk yarn. The texture of Sari Silk creates a really pretty crochet project loaded with color-upon-color, and the end result is not known until you get there. The single crochet and the double crochet stitch marry to create intricate lacy patterns combined with a shell stitch pattern, here and there. The colors are jewel toned, bright, vibrant and inviting to any wearer. The look is sassy, fun and radiant. Makes me want to shout…and run around the house barefoot and fancy free.  OK, enough. So, here are the pictures of my latest FO. And, FYI this is the introduction of my stand in model, Feebie. Don’t laugh at her….well I did.

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