Well, winter is upon us. And, it seems as though the dam has opened and the creative juices are flowing faster than I can design and knit. Once again, I have put my vest aside and decided to create a new pattern for a pair of hand-warmers. Over the years living in Florida I have never really thought about wearing them. But, on second thought I couldn’t think of any reason not to. So, after doing the math and calculating my stitch gauge for an acrylic yarn I have on hand I came up with a hand-warmer that is partially lace that still gives the hand enough coverage to stay nice and toasty warm. Dragging out the stash of Teal acrylic yarn I have yet to use all of, I cast on the needed amount of stitches and created my pattern as I knit. Took me an afternoon of knitting, and after weaving in the remaining end, happily I slide the hand-warmers on to each hand and hoped for a perfect fit. With a sigh of relief I was very happy to see that the pattern worked with the math I had previously figured out. They fit just right, and I really must find something to knit that will take up the remainder of this Teal yarn. Well now that the hand-warmers are complete I can make my way back to the spinning wheel and spin my yarn for my upcoming vest pattern. I pray in secret that I shall not be side tracked again, as the pattern is in my head just waiting to be knit.

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