Spunky The Electric Spinning Wheel

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A couple of years ago I designed my electric spinning wheel out of need. I wanted an electric spinning wheel but the prices were far to high, and I didn’t want to invest that kind of money. So, I did some research and came up with my own idea for a design. It’s simple, but it works. I can easily say that I have gotten a lot of use from my electric spinning wheel, and still to this day use it. I am posting it again, because today is the day that I have finally painted her and given her a name. Well, Tina Sanders…I finally finished hooking “Spunky” up. I think she’ll do….don’t you? Note: If you’ll click on the picture you will get more views of “Spunky”. THESE PLANS ARE FREE. E-MAIL ME TO GET A FREE PDF FILE E-MAILED TO YOU.

My Electric Spinning Wheel Plans

My Electric Spinning Wheel plans are finally complete. The PDF includes eight pages of detailed instructions and several pictures on how to construct the electric spinning wheel. I have also included links to suppliers for parts, and a supply list for other materials needed to construct the electric spinning wheel. The project took me and my ex-husband about an hour to complete. This is the first spinning wheel I learned to spin on before investing major amounts of money on a double treadle Kromski spinning wheel. The wheel is very easy to operate.


My Electric Spinning Wheel

I came up with the idea to build my own, because after searching the Internet I found that everyone wanted far more than I could afford to buy one. This one cost me about $125.00 to make, and works perfectly well. In fact I still use it at times. It is portable and you can put it in a bag and take it along with you. I love my electric spinning wheel, and hope you enjoy the plans and have fun making it. The plans are free with $25.00 purchase of any item from my LadyHawk Of Heartland Etsy Shop

Electric Spinner


My Electric Spinning Wheel

Some time ago I promised to provide a picture of my electric spinning wheel. My ex-husband and I made this wheel in our barn and it took all of 30 minutes, if that to construct. I ordered the parts myself from just a few vendors, and all it cost me was about $125.00. It takes getting used to an electric spinning wheel because it works on a foot pedal, but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy. I am posting a picture so everyone can check it out, and will have plans for My Electric Spinner posted on my Etsy site for sale. The plans will also include links to all the vendors I purchased the parts from to make your journey in creating your own electric spinner, just as easy as my own.  Will keep everyone updated as to when the plans are posted to Etsy. And, do enjoy creating the project…

PS: The plans will include several different views of the spinner so that you can really see how to construct the spinner. You can also enlarge the picture above to get a better view of the spinner by right clicking on the picture.

Kromski Spinning Wheel

Approximately two months ago I got my new Kromski spinning wheel. Well as an artist of many media, I am in spin heaven with my new Kromski. Mielke‘s Fiber Arts was kind enough to let me contract and put the items on layaway. Took me approximately 6 to 7 months to pay for everything, but it was well worth the wait. I was so pleased with the spinning wheel that I brought a Louet Drum Carder from the same company. And, again they worked with me on paying for the drum carder. I am in fiber heaven. I am presently working on a pattern for a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, that I found on Ravelry.com. The yarn that I spun up for the hat is just beautiful, and the colors…well to dye for. I will have to post pictures of the wheel, wool yarn I spun and the hat I am making. I spun approximately one pound of wool yarn and got two head bands…one a cable head band, and one scarf with fringe in some places two feet long. Think I will take pictures of all the items I made from the one pound of wool yarn I produced. The pieces came out extremely nice, and it feels good to know that I produced them from start to finish. Well, enough of surfing the Net, back to the books to study for my upcoming test.

Have a blessed day. Teri.

Woolen Longdraw Handspinning by Ruth MacGregor

To set the mood I decided to post a video on the art of woolen long-draw hand-spinning by one of my favorite fiber artist, Ruth MacGregor. She is proficient at both woolen long-draw and short-draw spinning. This video demonstrates her technique for woolen long-draw. She also demonstrates her technique for carding wool fiber. The video is worth watching again and again, and is a good tool for learning to perform the woolen long-draw technique. If I can ever find the time between work, college courses and crafting I will post a video on using my electric spinning wheel. On my electric spinning wheel I do the short-draw technique. I am so proud of my electric spinning wheel as it is the first one I have ever made, and my husband, Johnnie helped me make it.  I named her Spinner and she spins absolutely beautiful yarn and only cost me approximately $125.00 for parts and of course the lumber and labor were free as my husband is a carpenter and his labor costs me nothing, and the lumber has accumulated over the years in the barn from various projects here on the farm and jobs at work.  I can provide sources to the supplies I used to build the electric spinning wheel upon request. Have a blessed evening. Teri.